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Oct 22, 2011

Media coverage by Option2 magazine

Option2 magazine (one of the well-known auto magazines in Japan) has visited our office to cover new products from OS Giken.karaoke

They have asked for a new product, so we prepared Street Master clutch (Grand Turing for the international market) for them, but they some how and some where heard that we are currently developing an universal 6spd transmission, and wanted to cover it as well...coldsweats01

We were hesitant of it going public so soon since it was still in the development, but the mighty big-boss said "do it",so we done it.

The magazine staff is taking pictures of the 6spd transmission below:downwardleft


As a process goes, they take picturescamera → have a discussionkaraoke, and hence repeat.


It's coming along quite nicely, don't you think?
This unit was equipped with a bell housing for SR20DET.  It will move onto a testing phase very soon by installing it to a test vehicle.

The basic structure of this universal transmission is a main case + a bracket + a bell housing.  The main case was designed to fit any bell housings by replacing the bracket.


Here's a shot of Mr.S, who's in charge of the transmission development, giving a lecture to the magazine staff with a friendly smile.wink

This transmission was originally designed for a customer who wished to have a 6spd M/T on his American V8.
It has evolved to an universal M/T since then to fit many vehicles.

Now moving onto the Street Master.good


Here's Mr. Y, who's in charge of the clutch development, smiling at the camera.smile

The Street Master was designed in mind to provide easy clutch operation for drivers.

"Clutch meet is as easy as OEM clutch, try it and see for yourself" said Mr. Y.


We always have a round table talk at the end of every interview.  Usually the interview should end here, however, one of the magazine staff asked about the TC24 and how he wanted to see it in person.  The big-boss simply responded "then, why don't you take a look for yourself?!"coldsweats02

That was the beginning of a second round of the table talk.
By the time the discussion was over, the sun was long gone by then...
Hope they didn't regret for asking the question 'cause the big-boss could talk about the TC24 for days.sweat01


Just look at him, he is looking at the TC24 like a father looking at his own child.