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November 2011

Nov 02, 2011

Opening day for the SEMA

Report is coming in from LV convention center:karaoke


This is R2D2 reporting from the SEMA show floor.
We had an overwhelming number of visitors just on the very first day! 


I could personally see that the OS Giken brand is increasing its recognition in the states every year.  I have been attending the SEMA show 4 times in a row, and made some personal acquaintances who remembers me now (well, I may have a recognizable figure that might be contributing it...sweat01)


Thanks to our staff back in Japan for building this amazing machine, the main attraction of our booth "OS Giken the ride" was so popular that there was a waiting line for visitors to try it out. wobbly

Come take a ride in this amazing machinesign03

Nov 01, 2011

Completion of the OS Giken booth

They have thought that they could finish setting up the booth in one day, and have a nice free roaming time in Vegas before the SEMA show... but that didn't happen. 
HaHaHaHaHa...happy02  Oh Oops, sorry guys.coldsweats01




I guess they had to rearrange everything to change the layout due to some technical difficulties.  At least they have made it through, and physical part of the preparation is complete.  Now they had to prep. emotionally for the big opening day tomorrow.

Good luck guyssign01

Preparing for the SEMA

After leaving Japan for the SEMA show and traveled over 1,000 miles, our staff has finally arrived at the Las Vegas convention center.airplane

As much as they want to rest and gamble, it is time for them to set up the boothpunch


It's actually coming along quite nicely.

They have originally thought that it will take them whole 2 days to set up the booth, but it looks like they might have some free time to enjoy the Vegas after all.
Here's our special attraction "OS Giken the ride"happy02

Let just hope everything goes well tomorrow.

LSD for Corvette ZR1

A report from Mr. T:ear

I have received a LSD order from a reputable Corvette shop in Japan.


The basic structure is very similar between C5 and C6 OEM differentials, however, there are some minor differences and OS Giken has LSD's compatible to each applications.

It seems to me that the OEM Aluminum differential case is improving its rigidity every year.  It is very light for its size, but I do have to design our LSD by considering the heat deflection though...coldsweats01

FYI, we are manufacturing our original shafts to connect to both left and right drive-shafts with forged and reinforced materials for improved durability and strength to handle the OS Giken LSD's performance.good


I look forward to seeing how it performs.happy01