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Nov 29, 2011

OS Giken history class

For today's class, let us go back in time to learn how OS Giken started.
(Don't worry, I'll make it brief to avoid any tears of boredom...)coldsweats01

Although OS Giken is mostly known for the performance clutches and LSD's by many, it made its name by developing its original DOHC 4-cylinder 4-valve race engine in 1971.  As a matter of fact, our very first product sold to the public was this race engine.


In 1981, the legendary DOHC L6 24-valve engine "TC24-B1" was created.  We actually had a press conference to advertise the engine, and this was unheard of at the time for an aftermarket parts manufacture to have a promotion in this scale.   


This photo was taken 30 years ago.  You could see the Big-Boss himself talking to the press in the center of the photo.camera


Here it gets interesting.  TC-24 was an amazing engine, however, no clutch could transmit its power to the transmission at the time... so we developed performance clutches to take care of the problem by ourselves. 


Now that we have the clutch to transmit its power to the transmission, next step was to transfer the power to the wheels... so we developed SuperLock L.S.D. to take care of that problem.


The rest could say the same for our other products, and all was started with the TC engine and for TC engine. 

All Hail The TC-24paper