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Dec 14, 2011

LSD for Porsche

Recently, we are receiving many inquiries regarding LSD's for Porsche models.


I could proudly say that OS Giken makes great products, but is not so great at promoting them... there are many products that are not publicaly announced but existed for awhile.danger

Please accept our sincere apology for not updating our product list fast enough.
(Tell you the truth, non of us could keep up...) coldsweats02

You can contact our authorized distributors near you for any product details even you don't see one for your vehicle.  You will be amazed to find what we offer.

Anyhow, we are currently expanding the LSD lineup for Porsche models.

We have confirmed the fitment of our LSD to the following models:
-930 with 915 transmission (G50 for 930 turbo)
-Post964 models with G50 transmission(includes 993 & 996)
-996 & 997 turbo
-997 Carrera
-Cayman S & Cayman 6spd.
-944 & 968 

The current best seller is LSD's for Cayman.shine

Here's an installation picture of our LSD to a Cayman diff. carrier / transmission case.camera


Cayman has MR (mid engine, rear wheel drive) layout where as 911 has RR (rear engine, rear wheel drive) layout, so the Cayman transmission case is facing the opposite direction compare to 911.

As far as the layout goes (front of the car to the back):
Cayman: Engine → Clutch → Differential → Transmission
911: Transmission → Differential → Clutch → Engine

Here's a picture of a clutch from Cayman.camera


Cayman has push-type clutch where as 911 has pull-type clutch.

Interesting to know, eh?smile