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Dec 12, 2011

Time has come

Hello everyone,

Mr. RS has another update for the progress of the new Alfa CRGK.
(you can read the previous updates by clicking on Close Ratio Gear Kit in Categories)book

It seems that he has worked all night for countless nights (taking nice long naps instead...coldsweats01) to complete the prototype model.


It's time for us to send this baby to a new home for all the testing to come.weep


It was such a rough road for the development of this CRGK.

However, Mr. RS is very pleased of his work and satisfied of how it turned out.


It will be sometime before the final production.

We are all crossing our fingers for the best outcome.

If all goes well, then you might see this baby on the market sooner than you think.


For now, it is time for Mr. RS to move on to a new development project, or simply assemble more OS-88 for those who's waiting for their own.good