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October 2011

Oct 28, 2011

Revolution is here!

This just indanger

Mr. T, who's in charge of LSD development, has came up with yet another revolutionary feature for our LSD.flair

He cannot share any details at this moment due to its patent issue, but he gave me this image to tease you all for now...


Stay tuned for the latest updates from OS Gikensmile

Oct 22, 2011

Media coverage by Option2 magazine

Option2 magazine (one of the well-known auto magazines in Japan) has visited our office to cover new products from OS Giken.karaoke

They have asked for a new product, so we prepared Street Master clutch (Grand Turing for the international market) for them, but they some how and some where heard that we are currently developing an universal 6spd transmission, and wanted to cover it as well...coldsweats01

We were hesitant of it going public so soon since it was still in the development, but the mighty big-boss said "do it",so we done it.

The magazine staff is taking pictures of the 6spd transmission below:downwardleft


As a process goes, they take picturescamera → have a discussionkaraoke, and hence repeat.


It's coming along quite nicely, don't you think?
This unit was equipped with a bell housing for SR20DET.  It will move onto a testing phase very soon by installing it to a test vehicle.

The basic structure of this universal transmission is a main case + a bracket + a bell housing.  The main case was designed to fit any bell housings by replacing the bracket.


Here's a shot of Mr.S, who's in charge of the transmission development, giving a lecture to the magazine staff with a friendly smile.wink

This transmission was originally designed for a customer who wished to have a 6spd M/T on his American V8.
It has evolved to an universal M/T since then to fit many vehicles.

Now moving onto the Street Master.good


Here's Mr. Y, who's in charge of the clutch development, smiling at the

The Street Master was designed in mind to provide easy clutch operation for drivers.

"Clutch meet is as easy as OEM clutch, try it and see for yourself" said Mr. Y.


We always have a round table talk at the end of every interview.  Usually the interview should end here, however, one of the magazine staff asked about the TC24 and how he wanted to see it in person.  The big-boss simply responded "then, why don't you take a look for yourself?!"coldsweats02

That was the beginning of a second round of the table talk.
By the time the discussion was over, the sun was long gone by then...
Hope they didn't regret for asking the question 'cause the big-boss could talk about the TC24 for days.sweat01


Just look at him, he is looking at the TC24 like a father looking at his own child.

Oct 18, 2011

COBB Motorsports Nissan GT-R Development Update - OS Giken Rear LSD


A while back, the COBB Motorsports team has tested the TCD rear diff. for their R35 GT-R, and thought we will share their impression with you.wink
(All the information is directly from their website)clip

The COBB Tuning Motorsports team and I just got back from our first weekend of testing at California Speedway with the new OS Giken TCD rear Limited Slip Differential (LSD) upgrade for our GT-R. With nearly 800HP available at the wheels, I had been experiencing significant rear wheel spin on corner exit that was obviously hurting the car’s ability to put power down coming out of the turns and hurting our lap times.

During the install the OS Giken LSD looked quite a bit beefier than the stock part it was replacing. Probably because it has a grand total of 28 friction plates inside! These plates can be configured to provide progressive locking up to 100% and with that many plates there are quite a lot of tuning options for us to fine tune the amount of lock-up we want.


My first impression was “WOW!” What a difference the TCD LSD made! As I started my first hot laps I could feel the difference in the rear of the car. Now the chassis just seemed to hunch down in the back and squirt out of the corners with no rear inside wheel spin at all. Plus it was much easier to use the throttle to help steer the car out of the corners. With the inside wheel spin gone, I could easily modulate rear slip angle with my right foot, encouraging corner exit rotation by feeding in just a bit more throttle.

As they say, the proof is in the data, and we have data. In this first screen shot is data from last year with the stock rear differential.  Focus on the section where throttle position begins to increase and look at the difference in rear wheel speeds.  At some points there is as much as a 14 mph difference between the rear wheels. And this was on super sticky Hoosier R100 slick racing tires!


This next screen shot is from data recorded during our test day with the OS Giken TCD LSD installed. Looking at the wheel speeds you can see they are much closer together and how much the rear differential is working.  It allows a small amount of slip under deceleration, and locks up 100% under acceleration.  In fact you can see that for most of the graph the left and right rear wheel speeds are so close they are indistinguishable from each other. What makes this even more impressive is that we were running on Toyo RA1 DOT racing tires. DOT race tires are not nearly as sticky as the pure racing slicks we used last year, so it is clear to see how effective the OS Giken rear diff is, even with much less traction from the tires.


YouTube: COBB GT-R Laps Cali Speedway Testing OS Giken Rear LSD

Oct 17, 2011

Clutch development for BMW E39 M5

Received a special order from overseas.
This one in particular is requesting us to develop a clutch kit for E39 M5.downwardleft


We often receive special orders from overseas just like this clutch.

Customers from around the world send us OEM parts of many makes and models to develop OS Giken original parts. happy01
Such parts from Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Hyundai, and Dodge to name a few.

Our development team is working around the clock to bring you new productssign01

Inquiry about the Mercedes TCD

Our LSD development team has received an inquiry yesterday.mailto

A customer from South Africa was inquiring about the fitment of OS TCD to Mercedes CLS55 AMG.  Our record shows that we have fitted to CLS550 and CLS63 AMG before, and CLS55 AMG should not be any different... but, better safe than sorry.coldsweats01

You cannot be too sure, so we have contacted our trusted source EXE factory (authorized Brabus dealer) in Osaka for the confirmation.   They specialize in performance upgrades for Mercedes, so no problem confirming us the fitment. 
The TCD will in fact fit the CLS55 AMG.

It seems the customer will use the TCD for drag races, and we are confident that the TCD will result in better performance.good

Oct 14, 2011

New clutch development??

Our sales manager A.K.A. "R2D2 the weblog hunter" has sneaked into a sanctuary of the clutch development seeking for new topic to write, and found this interesting clutchdown


While he was taking a picture with his beloved iPhone, he was spotted by the clutch-wizard (Mr. Y)sign03

The clutch-wizard simply asked him if he knew which vehicle the clutch is from?  He could only guess it is not from any Japanese models... when the clutch-wizard realized that he was clueless, he kindly told him it is from Maserati 3200GT.

R2D2 was so excited that such a clutch is currently in development, but the clutch-wizard looked a bit uncertain.  He presented R2D2 the clutch in developmentdown


It is a twin plate Grand Turing clutch for Maserati, and it is finished with a minor problem.  He explained that the OEM clutch is a pull-type, so it requires a new movement alteration kit that will chage a pull-type to a push-type.

It seems it was an special order, and wasn't feasible to develope the Alt. kit just for this clutch...  but the customer will modify a direct release to make it work, so we didn't need to worry about the Alt. kit after all.

When will it be available for the rest of us... only the clutch-wizard knows.think

BTW, R2D2 also found this clutch while he was sneaking arounddownwardleft


        Grand Turing A-type clutch

It is not in the current clutch line-up, but it is on its testing phase...

This is our little secret.danger


All clutches go through the clutch-wizard's rigorous inspection.  His eyes will detect any defects... (just look at him)coldsweats01

Oct 12, 2011

The final delivery of the display items for SEMA

This is our last effort of sending the display items for SEMA showsign01 (OS Giken USA staff is eagerly waiting for its arrivalangry)

Sorry guys, but we are doing our best here, just lookdown


As long as we could ship them out by tomorrow, there should be enough time for the USA staff to prepare for SEMA.

If our sales manager didn't decide to display the all new Alfa Romeo close ratio gear kit at the last minute, we probably had a little more time to spare and didn't make the USA staff angry(?)... blame it on the manager guys.

Anyhow, our staff made sure to secure the display items from any harm so that they will be all sparkly when you see them at SEMA.shine


Last but not least, our international sales rep. aka "the old man/surfer" is getting down on the details.eye


Now all we need to do is to wait for the delivery truck to come and pick them up.


We thought we could prepare for SEMA early and avoid the last minute crazy time, but nothing ever goes according to the plan...

This is it for SEMA, and we look forward to see you there (of course, we still have to set up the booth once we get there...crying)

Hope no one forgets their passports...coldsweats02

Oct 11, 2011

D1 GRAND PRIX Kunny'z Takahashi Drift Run

D1 driver Mr. Kunny'z Takahashi has shared some cool pictures from the D1 GRAND PRIX with
We appreciate your kindness.happy01

_91a2251_2                                                                                                                                 The lady look fine... I mean, you & your ride look awesome.

His Toyota Mark X is armed with OS Clutch and OS LSD.

He is currently placed 3rd in D1 competition series.

For more information about Kunny'z, please visit his homepage:
Let's support him by leaving comments on his weblog.scissors


Toyota Mark X has a classy, mature, premium look to it, but even a car like that could turned into a D1 fightersign03
Looking GOODgood

We can find our OS Giken logo right above the MARK X decal.
Thank you for your supporthappy02




Excellent pictures of him in action.

Good luck at Fuji on Oct. 23rd fuji

Close Ratio Gear Kit for Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 105 type CRGK currently in development!new


Can you see the major changes we have made compare to the original one?eye

What? You cannot tell the difference by just staring at the case?  Fine, how about thisdownwardleftcamera


Now you see the differencesign03  Amazing isn't itsign02

It is still in the development, so let me inform you when it is complete.

We are planning to exhibit it at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Please come visit our booth to see the amazing work of art in

Oct 07, 2011

The long waited TC24B-1

This is the prototype version-II, but it's shaping up quite nicely.

We just hope our Big-Boss won't make any last minute design changes...coldsweats02

Let's keep our fingers crossed! catface