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Oct 14, 2011

New clutch development??

Our sales manager A.K.A. "R2D2 the weblog hunter" has sneaked into a sanctuary of the clutch development seeking for new topic to write, and found this interesting clutchdown


While he was taking a picture with his beloved iPhone, he was spotted by the clutch-wizard (Mr. Y)sign03

The clutch-wizard simply asked him if he knew which vehicle the clutch is from?  He could only guess it is not from any Japanese models... when the clutch-wizard realized that he was clueless, he kindly told him it is from Maserati 3200GT.

R2D2 was so excited that such a clutch is currently in development, but the clutch-wizard looked a bit uncertain.  He presented R2D2 the clutch in developmentdown


It is a twin plate Grand Turing clutch for Maserati, and it is finished with a minor problem.  He explained that the OEM clutch is a pull-type, so it requires a new movement alteration kit that will chage a pull-type to a push-type.

It seems it was an special order, and wasn't feasible to develope the Alt. kit just for this clutch...  but the customer will modify a direct release to make it work, so we didn't need to worry about the Alt. kit after all.

When will it be available for the rest of us... only the clutch-wizard knows.think

BTW, R2D2 also found this clutch while he was sneaking arounddownwardleft


        Grand Turing A-type clutch

It is not in the current clutch line-up, but it is on its testing phase...

This is our little secret.danger


All clutches go through the clutch-wizard's rigorous inspection.  His eyes will detect any defects... (just look at him)coldsweats01