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Nov 05, 2011

Ferrari 550 Maranello LSD

Hello everyone, this is Mr. T from OS Giken LSD lab.

A customer has requested to build a custom LSD for the 550 Maranello awhile back.
It sparked my interest due to its original design, so I built one without considering its cost...moneybag

OEM differential has such an unique design that it bolts onto a carrier by placing an external ring gear in between.


Above picture is the custom made LSD for the 550 Maranello.
OEM differential was designed to attach an external ring gear, so I also designed the ring gear (see picture below) for the custom LSD.


Here's an installation picture.  The customer was 120% satisfied with the custom LSD's performance for greatly improved traction.
This 550 was equipped with twin-turbo V12 engine.


It seems many owners are experiencing similar traction problems since I have recieved more orders than I have anticipated...bearing