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Nov 01, 2011

LSD for Corvette ZR1

A report from Mr. T:ear

I have received a LSD order from a reputable Corvette shop in Japan.


The basic structure is very similar between C5 and C6 OEM differentials, however, there are some minor differences and OS Giken has LSD's compatible to each applications.

It seems to me that the OEM Aluminum differential case is improving its rigidity every year.  It is very light for its size, but I do have to design our LSD by considering the heat deflection though...coldsweats01

FYI, we are manufacturing our original shafts to connect to both left and right drive-shafts with forged and reinforced materials for improved durability and strength to handle the OS Giken LSD's performance.good


I look forward to seeing how it performs.happy01