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Nov 15, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Mclaren SLR

Hello everyone, this is T writing.happy01

OS Giken has LSD's available for many of Mercedes models, however, has never crossed our minds to have one available for such a rare model... Mclaren SLR until one of our customer requested for his own.


A rear member (picture above) looked to be made out of a duralumin material, and many parts are attached to the rear member.

I have taken its differential apart for its measurement, and was shocked to find out that they use an open differential.coldsweats02  It is true that the vehicle is equipped with a Brake LSD, so they might thought that there is no need for a mechanical LSD... but I personally believe a super car like Mclaren SLR needs a high-performance LSD.


OEM differential (left) and our LSD (right) are shown in the picture above.

I have tested and found that there is a tendency for many of high powered FR vehicles to lose traction on right rear wheel first when accelerating from a stop.  When it happens, the traction control system will kick in.  For Mclaren SLR, the brake LSD will kick in first to control the wheel spin, and then the traction control will control the throttle.  This is good for the safety, but not so good for... car dash


With our TCD installed, the vehicle could send all of its engine power/torque to the ground, and could take off without the interference of its traction control.  It also improves high speed stability.

I highly recommend our LSD for all the high powered vehicles, but not recommend anyone to be a speed demon... bleah

Drive safely.