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Dec 13, 2011

Evolution X L.S.D.

Tommy has a new update for us.smile

One of the teams participates in the Super Taikyu (endurance race) came to us for the LSD development for their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.
It wasn't a simple task, but our Tommy loves a challenge...

So he built one.good


The team has requested us to build just a front differential that will fit into the RALLIART outer case.


Here's a comparison of the RALLIART and OS Giken front case.
One on the right is the OS made.



There will be 24 larger disks in the LSD to achieve the maximum disc capacity.


Since Tommy has built thus far, why don't we make it available for all the Evo X owners.flair 
So he has designed OS made outer case, and redesigned the front LSD to hold much larger disks to further enhance its performance and durability.


We have installed the LSD to our test car, and it is currently testing for its performance and quality control.

If all goes well, it shouldn't take too long to be added to our product list for you to get your hands on it.car dash