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April 2012

Apr 05, 2012

New clutch available soon?

Our weblog hunter "R2D2" has infiltrated the clutch department to bring us the latest undergoing secret development update...secret

He was able to capture some images during his infiltration, and it seems Mr. Y was secretly working on a new clutch development:


It looks nothing like any clutches that we have in our line-up, but it must be our original since it uses Alumite treatment and there was no name / logo on the cover.

Just by looking at it, the clutch seems to be a pull-type...


While he was trying to obtain more information from Mr. Y, Big-Boss has joined Mr. Y and started a little technical discussion about the clutch, and so it was time for R2D2 to escape... runsweat01

All he knows is that it is a pull-type clutch for Non-Japanese vehicles.  (Could it be for RR drive-train models...)

Let us hope that R2D2 will bring us more updates soon. wink

Apr 04, 2012

Super Lock LSD for Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ

We are proudly introducing the latest addition to our LSD line-up, "Super Lock LSD for FR-S and BRZ".new  It is designed specifically for FR-S and BRZ to unleash the vehicles' true potentials.

With the help of GReddy USA, we were able to test our LSD at the Laguna Seca Raceway to determine the best setting possible for FR-S and BRZ.

These photos are taken during our test at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway.


Super Lock LSD will make FR-S and BRZ complete.  Developed with the pursuit of "Excitement", "Speed", and "Comfort" in mind, it will bring out the best of both vehicles without sacrificing everyday drivability.good

Order yours today!smile