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May 17, 2012

It's a play time... or so we thought

We have a Toyota Vitz/Yaris at our disposal for product testing, and Tommy and Mr. RS have decided to put it to a good use.scissors


Both of them don't normally work on FWD vehicles, so it took them some time to take the car apart.sweat01
They originally planned to test our new LSD for Vitz/Yaris, but since they have already taken the car apart, they have decided to test our clutch kit as well.


Before putting the car back together, they have found some parts needed to be replaced like this broken engine mount...

This Vitz/Yaris had over 100,000 miles (mostly hard driven circuit miles) when it arrived to our office, so you could expect many things had to be replaced.dollar  Fortunately, we didn't need to replace any major parts.catface

Anyhow, now that they got the car on the road with a brand new LSD and a clutch, it is time for a long term road test!... but there's a little problem.danger

This car was built for circuit use and was not meant to be a daily driver.  So you could imagine that no one is willing to give up comfort of their own vehicles for the race ready car for their everyday commute.
Except one person... whose name is R2D2!  but unfortunately he could not fit in the bucket seat due to his unique figure/shape.coldsweats01


We may have to ship the car over to OS Giken USA since we believe they have a Yaris racer at their office!cardash