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May 29, 2012

New LSD Oil??

Well, as we all know by now that our current LSD Oil "OS250R" is a well balanced and a long lasting oil, which we may not think we need another oil for our LSD's... except one person... Big Boss.danger

"As OS Giken, it is our duty / destiny to provide the best of the best" by Big Boss.

Here it is, our brand new LSD Oil:good


  Product Name:OS-GT01R

 ----- For Racing -----

  100% Synthetic


    For FR Vehicle

Unlike OS250R which was designed for Street and Circuit use, OS-GT01R was purely designed for circuit usesign01
Through 2 years of rigorous R&D and testing, we have finally found the best oil which Big Boss was satisfied with.
OS-GT01R has much better heat resistance and protect your LSD from heavy load and/or punishing driving condition.

It is possible that we were a bit too obsessed to find the right combination of oil, and we may have neglected to consider its cost...sweat01
As a result, MSRP is nowhere near the OS250Rcrying

Sigh... when will we ever learn...  shock

Please contact your nearest OS Giken distributors for details.