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Jun 29, 2012

86 Clutch development

We are making some progress with the 86 clutch development scissors

Mr. RS has taken down its transmission to locate an OE clutch kit:


Here's the OE clutch, and it is like a new... well, it is new.sweat02


Here's the housing, and still very clean as well.shine


Although our FT86 is from Toyota, its drive-train parts remind us of Subaru vehicles.

Anyhow, now that the transmission is out of the way, it's time for Clutch-wizard to work his magic. thunder


First step is to remove the clutch cover:


Then to remove the flywheel:


The current trend for a clutch assy. is to use a dual-mass flywheel and a light-weight disk set...

However, FT86 OE clutch assy. uses a single-mass flywheel and a spring dampened disk set. 


When we removed the flywheel, we found this metal plate placed between the flywheel and the crank. eye

With further inspection, we also found a sensor (position/speed sensor?) attached to it.


We normally see the sensor attached to a flywheel itself, but this separate sensor will make the development a bit easier since we don't need to do anything special to our flywheel besides making it lighe-weight.

Big-boss himself was also at the scene to help out the development:



It is nice to work on a brand new car since the car is so clean and no rusty parts to deal with. bleah

We found Clutch-wizard was having a staring contest with the OE clutch... coldsweats02


Time to do some measurements.



While the car was up on the lift, we have installed a suspension kit from ENDLESS. good


We cannot wait to see how the new suspension set-up will work with our LSD.

But for now, we have to wait till the clutch development is complete... we cannot drive the car without the clutch and transmission in place. shock