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Jun 01, 2012

Brand new clutch for Vitz/Yaris

Let us share some info on a special clutch we have installed in our Vitz/Yaris.

Like I have mentioned before, our original plan was simply to test SuperLock LSD for Vitz/Yaris... but I guess Mr. RS asked Clutch-wizard at the last minute to make a new clutch while the transmission is removed.flair

We had no idea what type of clutch he was planning to make, but we knew he won't disappoint us.catface


Here's the flywheel... well, it's a standard OS Giken flywheel and no light-weight version of any kind.
Don't worry, he won't disappoint us... we know he won't...sweat01


Using a torque wrench to tighten the flywheel bolts with specified torque.

A word of advice:shine  when tightening the flywheel bolts, gradually tighten the bolts to reach specified torque instead of tighten them all at once.  Be patient.

Once the bolts are tightened correctly, it is time for a clutch disc...




What the sign03

Isn't that a CARBON discsign02

We have been developing the carbon parts for many years, and now we finally found the right materials to meet our strict quality standard.  Soon you will be able to get your hands on our carbon clutch kits.

So stay tuned.good


Anyhow, put the cover and we are finished.
Just look at the mysterious glow of the blue alumite cover...
It's a shame that we cannot look at it once the transmission is installed.weep