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Jun 11, 2012

Circuit test

Time to test our 86! ...and Vitz.sun

We wanted to see how a stock 86 performs before installing OS Giken performance parts.

Some may say to do a proper break-in procedure before going all out, but not our Big-boss.

He simply wants to test our parts ASAP...


This wasn't a planned test (well, not this soon) so we weren't sure if we could find a place to test at the last minute.
Good thing we had an Ex Moto-racer in OS Giken who could book a place with a single phone call.telephone

Since we are going to a circuit, we have decided to bring Vitz for some circuit product testing for our LSD and clutch.

Let's see how our Carbon clutch performs on track.


We have arrived at Nakayama circuit at last.


Complete the registration process,

     and off we go to the track! run


But WHAT THEannoy... it started to rain as we walked out side of the registration office rain

We were hoping we could test both vehicles in dry condition.  Who's a rain man here?pout

Anyhow, a little rain won't stop uspunch 

First, we'll test 86:


We had our own time attack competition among ourselves, but unfortunately, we all did better in our Vitz. sweat02 

Keep in mind that our Vitz is modified for track use, and Nakayama circuit is a short track with many tight turns so naturally Vitz was better suited for the track.  Also, we couldn't turn off the VSC (vehicle stability control) on 86 for some reason.  We have followed the instruction on the user's manual, but it didn't completely deactivate the VSC.  Maybe there is a special technique to deactivate it completely like some of other Toyota vehicles...

Let us see how this will affect after installing our LSD.

Next up is the Vitz:


Like we have mentioned, our Vitz is a race-ready spec even with a roll cage.  On top of that, it is equipped with Spec-X SuperLock LSD and the secret Carbon clutch kit.

This is a fun little car, and the Carbon clutch worked marvelously.shine
It has lighter pedal feel with easy clutch engagement/operation.

The SuperLock LSD also performed as expected from OS Giken. 
Open differential on the street, 100% lock on the track when you need them.
(100% lock capable on the street as well, but please drive safely)


We will come back to the circuit once our 86 is equipped with OS Giken parts.

Cannot wait.smile