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Jun 12, 2012

New material for clutch kit

We have spotted Mr. Clutch-master Y unloading some mysterious materials at our warehouse. danger


From far, it looked like some sort of gray plate,

But if you get closer...


It has changed its color and now you see the familiar surface pattern.

You all know what it is right?


Yes, it's a stack of carbon sheets.

We will cut out from these sheets to make the carbon clutch disks.


They are lighter than they look.

We need to cut them through a special processing, and grind / polish them to make them useful for our parts.

Here's a sneak peek of the finished product:


All new carbon clutch kit is currently in its final stage of development. new


We are testing the clutch kits for models from Nissan, Lotus, and BMW.

Our race-spec Toyota Vitz/Yaris is also equipped with A-type carbon clutch kit for testing.

So far so good good

You might see them in our product line-up sooner than you thinkshine