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Jun 18, 2012

Strange Clutch Kit

One day, our image character Izmon the R2D2 + Doraemon hybrid was wondering around the facility.foot

He has spotted our warehouse / shipping manager T-shima laser printing a single clutch cover.
T-shima normally does it in a bulk, so knew something special about this clutch...eye


Just as Izmon suspected, it was a special order clutch sign01


Here's a housing + flywheel combo for the clutch.

Can you guess which vehicle this clutch is for?

If you guessed it correctly, then you should work for a clutch manufacturer.dollar

He had no idea what is it for...

It has such an unusual shape, and check out its back side:


He have asked Clutch-master Y for more details about this clutch and he showed us the OE clutch:


The OE clutch was attached to a ring-gear with pillars.

So Mr. Y has designed our clutch to fit the ring-gear as well.

BTW, the clutch he has built for this special order was R3A.

While he was obtaining as much information as possible from Mr. Y, Izmon was somehow forced to assemble it...shock

Izmon used to assemble clutch kits, so he had to recall the old days.


He was able to assembled it, and here's the finished product:


Here comes Mr. Y's professional inspection:coldsweats01


Mr. Y told Izmon he did a fine job, but Izmon witnessed Mr. Y secretly reassembling it later...sweat01

Now it is time to reveal the vehicle name happy02

This clutch was for ...Jaguar XJ220shine