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Jun 19, 2012

Test for 86 LSD

Mr. RS and Tommy had a chance to take our OS Giken LSD equipped 86 to a much bigger circuit for a LSD test.

This time around, they have booked a spot at Okayama international circuit famous for Super GT championship race. good


They went on a week day, so when they got to the circuit, it was just them like a renting a whole track to themselves. happy01


Right until they were ready to go for a spin that is...sweat01


One after another started to show up, and they all were from out side of our prefecture and equipped for some sort of product testing.  Well, kinda' like us but in much larger scale with pit crews and digital equipments. wobbly


The LSD test went well... but the stock tires and suspension setup leaved much to be desired for the track use. think

For the next test with our clutch kit, we will try replace the stock parts with aftermarket parts for better result.