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Jun 13, 2012

Time to dissect

We spent enough time at Nakayama circuit to understand how the stock 86 performs.

So now is the time to give it a special OS Giken made weapon to fight for the winning run sign01

Super Lock L.S.D.shine

First, we need to remove its differential carrier.


Removing the diff. carrier was pretty easy, and look how clean this thing is...

It made us hesitate to get dirty.sweat01


Anyhow, let's install the Super Lock LSD. wink

Here's Toyota OE Torsen type differential:


Here's a familiar sight after installing Super Lock LSD: good


We are planning to test the LSD ourselves at a race track soon. car dash
GReddy has tested it at the famous Laguna Seca for us already and it performed exactly as we hoped.
Now we just want to see and feel it ourselves.
We will report back here once we had a chance to go out to a circuit again. secret


While the 86 was up on the lift, we noticed a shadowy figure underneath the car...shadow

The shadowy figure was Mr. Y.sweat02

He was looking at its drivetrain, and was thinking how to tackle the clutch.

Hurry Mr. Y, 'cause we are planning to launch the clutch kit in August.

BTW, Super Lock LSD for FT86 / GT86 / FR-S is now on sale. smile