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Jul 05, 2012

1st stage of mods complete

We have just finished the first stage of upgrading our OS86 test car. (Don't get confused with OS-88 sequential transmission...)

OS86 is currently armed with OS SuperLock LSD, OS Grand Touring performance clutch, ZEAL suspension kit / brake pads from ENDLESS, and a body kit from MODELLISTA. motorsports

These upgrades already made a significant difference in its performance, but still something to be desired... wrench

MORE POWER and better grip!  ...but, that could wait for awhile. happy01

Now is time to do more cosmetic upgrades(?):


OS86 is a test car and not a promotional car, so we wanted to keep its look as simple as possible.

We do have a variety of OS Giken stickers including some eye-catchy ones, but decided to stick with something subtle.


Hmmm, it feels like we are forgetting something. (later found that there was no sticker for the clutch)sweat02


This has nothing to do with OS86, but Izmon yet again found a clutch assy. just sitting on Clutch-wizard's work table:


It's a twin plate Street Master (AKA Grand Touring), and didn't look anything out of the ordinary.

But when you take a closer look: eye


It's Street Master Carbon sign03

One of our dealers is testing the clutch for us, and once the test is complete, we will be moving on to its production.

Crossing our fingers for a good test result. good


Come to think of it, we should try using the carbon disk on OS-86 clutch...

Let's go bother Clutch-wizard about it. catface