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Jul 02, 2012

86 Clutch complete

There was this clutch assy. just sitting on the table where Clutch-wizard (CW) works his magic. danger

As you can see, there was no printing on its cover...


All of our products built for order should have OS Giken logo printed, which means this one must be a new clutch in development sign01


As usual, Izmon trapped CW and began his interrogation... think

Izmon: "What is this clutch for?"

CW: "For our FT86 / FR-S"

Izmon: "Weren't you just measuring the OE clutch a couple of days agosign02"

CW: "I already had some measurements to work with so just needed to confirm the info I received with our vehicle."

Izmon: "So is the development finished now?"

CW: "Almost, I need to adjust  the release sleeve and we will be ready to test it with our 86.  The test should give me enough data to decide the flywheel weight for an optimum inertial effect.  For now I have made two flywheels for the test: Light and Ultra-light"

Here are some pics comparing the OS and OE clutch:




After adjusting the release sleeve, it is time to install. smile

CW informed us that the clutch kit is currently called Grand Touring RE single-plate. flair

He didn't give us any more info besides its name for now... crying

Here's the installation scene:


Apply proper torque to tightening the flywheel bolts.

Then install the disk and cover.  It is best to use a clutch centering tool to have the disk centered correctly.


Izmon is pretending to help so he could have his picture taken... sweat02


All of us are interested in this new clutch so many of us have taken it for a spin. car dash


Clutch pedal felt a bit heavier with OS Clutch installed, but that is because the OE clutch pedal had such a light pedal feel to begin with.  Besides that, everything else was what you could expect from OS clutch products. good

Thanks to the reduced inertia, the engine response and engine brake were certainly improved.


There was just one person not entirely satisfied with its result... Clutch-wizard. shock

He felt a slight vibration out side of the engine's peak power range, and wishes to make an improvement.
We just hope he remembers that the clutch is using a light-weight flywheel...

Anyhow, the clutch should be available in no time. (as long as he doesn't find anything else to improve)

Reserve yours now happy01