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Jul 09, 2012

Brake calipers and rotors from ENDLESS

Generous people at ENDLESS have sent us an additional special gift for OS-86! present


It's a brand new Monoblock caliper / E-Slit roter set. new

They have been a great help for building OS-86, and the list of their generous donations is keep getting longer...

We might as well name it OS-ENDLESS-86. bleah


Without further ado, let's install this bad boy. wrench



A decently sized OE brake kit came with stock FT-86...


But there is no comperison to the presence of ENDLESS kit.  They are in a different league in terms of its appearance and performance. good



It looks like no driving condition will break this caliper... danger


The installation went smoothly without any complication and rather quickly as well.

Both front and rear brakes has been replaced / upgraded:





Cannot wait to test this beastly brakes at a track. cardash motorsports


---Product info from ENDLESS website ---

E-Slit rotor:

"Endless racing rotors are available to suit the most abusive of racing conditions in the motorsports world. The rotors are made from specially heat treated carbon steel, and are lightweight also. They use the “E-Slit” vane technology to offer the most well balanced performance based on the choice of brake pad. They also run very cool compared to our competitors.

The E-Slit rotor is comprised of the narrow curved slit incorporated   with 4 smaller E-Slits. The smoother shaving of the pad by the long   curved slit and the increased friction provided by the E-Slits maintain   optimal brake pad condition at all times.

The rotor material is   comprised of a special carbon blend, an Endless original technology,   facilitating stable mu-levels, decreasing heat cracks and extracting   100% of the brake pads performance. Slits are designed for optimal   shaving.

The bell housing material is a rigid, lightweight, high-strength   aluminum alloy metal capable of withstanding high temperatures. It also   decreases unsprung weight, which contributes to stable braking."

Monoblock caliper:

"Four years in the making and after extensive testing  in race conditions, Endless has finally produced this caliper to achieve  their extremely high rigidity and lightness standards. The difficult  and complex manufacturing of the piston cylinders has been achieved  through highly advanced engineering. The body is made with only the  strongest aluminum material. This is the highest performance achievable  using the highest production technology and highest quality of  materials."