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October 2012

Oct 01, 2012

911 Days magazine

OS SuperLock LSD was featured in the recent issue of Japanese Porsche magazine called "911 DAYS"
FYI, the Porsche LSD is one of the best selling / the fastest moving items in our current product line up. new


The article is 4 pages long with detailed information and evaluation of the SuperLock LSD, and its test result where they have tested the LSD with their 996 GT2 model. 
Go to the nearest bookstore to find your copy (if that's even possible), coldsweats02 or find a copy on-line (if you do read Japanese). coldsweats01



The article gave a great review about our LSD, and also mentioning their initial impression right after installing the LSD, which they thought they have mistakenly installed an open diff. 'cause the vehicle showed no sign of the LSD in work.
This is simply due to one of the characteristics of the SuperLock LSD where it possesses smooth transition from completely open differential to a fully-locked. good

For the same reason, many of the first time users of our LSD's have contacted us to let us know that our LSD's are not functioning correctly. (during break-in...)
All we needed to tell them  was to "step on it," and that's all it takes to solve the problem.smile

The SuperLock LSD was designed to instantly reacts and transitions smoothly from both free and locked positions, thus combining advantages of a normal differential's drivability and a race limited slip differential's performance and stability.  In another word, it works as an open differential to provide a vibration and noise-free ride, at the same time, provides 100% lock exactly when you need it. scissors

Feel the transition shine