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Jul 02, 2012

86 Clutch complete

There was this clutch assy. just sitting on the table where Clutch-wizard (CW) works his magic. danger

As you can see, there was no printing on its cover...


All of our products built for order should have OS Giken logo printed, which means this one must be a new clutch in development sign01


As usual, Izmon trapped CW and began his interrogation... think

Izmon: "What is this clutch for?"

CW: "For our FT86 / FR-S"

Izmon: "Weren't you just measuring the OE clutch a couple of days agosign02"

CW: "I already had some measurements to work with so just needed to confirm the info I received with our vehicle."

Izmon: "So is the development finished now?"

CW: "Almost, I need to adjust  the release sleeve and we will be ready to test it with our 86.  The test should give me enough data to decide the flywheel weight for an optimum inertial effect.  For now I have made two flywheels for the test: Light and Ultra-light"

Here are some pics comparing the OS and OE clutch:




After adjusting the release sleeve, it is time to install. smile

CW informed us that the clutch kit is currently called Grand Touring RE single-plate. flair

He didn't give us any more info besides its name for now... crying

Here's the installation scene:


Apply proper torque to tightening the flywheel bolts.

Then install the disk and cover.  It is best to use a clutch centering tool to have the disk centered correctly.


Izmon is pretending to help so he could have his picture taken... sweat02


All of us are interested in this new clutch so many of us have taken it for a spin. car dash


Clutch pedal felt a bit heavier with OS Clutch installed, but that is because the OE clutch pedal had such a light pedal feel to begin with.  Besides that, everything else was what you could expect from OS clutch products. good

Thanks to the reduced inertia, the engine response and engine brake were certainly improved.


There was just one person not entirely satisfied with its result... Clutch-wizard. shock

He felt a slight vibration out side of the engine's peak power range, and wishes to make an improvement.
We just hope he remembers that the clutch is using a light-weight flywheel...

Anyhow, the clutch should be available in no time. (as long as he doesn't find anything else to improve)

Reserve yours now happy01

Jun 29, 2012

86 Clutch development

We are making some progress with the 86 clutch development scissors

Mr. RS has taken down its transmission to locate an OE clutch kit:


Here's the OE clutch, and it is like a new... well, it is new.sweat02


Here's the housing, and still very clean as well.shine


Although our FT86 is from Toyota, its drive-train parts remind us of Subaru vehicles.

Anyhow, now that the transmission is out of the way, it's time for Clutch-wizard to work his magic. thunder


First step is to remove the clutch cover:


Then to remove the flywheel:


The current trend for a clutch assy. is to use a dual-mass flywheel and a light-weight disk set...

However, FT86 OE clutch assy. uses a single-mass flywheel and a spring dampened disk set. 


When we removed the flywheel, we found this metal plate placed between the flywheel and the crank. eye

With further inspection, we also found a sensor (position/speed sensor?) attached to it.


We normally see the sensor attached to a flywheel itself, but this separate sensor will make the development a bit easier since we don't need to do anything special to our flywheel besides making it lighe-weight.

Big-boss himself was also at the scene to help out the development:



It is nice to work on a brand new car since the car is so clean and no rusty parts to deal with. bleah

We found Clutch-wizard was having a staring contest with the OE clutch... coldsweats02


Time to do some measurements.



While the car was up on the lift, we have installed a suspension kit from ENDLESS. good


We cannot wait to see how the new suspension set-up will work with our LSD.

But for now, we have to wait till the clutch development is complete... we cannot drive the car without the clutch and transmission in place. shock

Jun 18, 2012

Strange Clutch Kit

One day, our image character Izmon the R2D2 + Doraemon hybrid was wondering around the facility.foot

He has spotted our warehouse / shipping manager T-shima laser printing a single clutch cover.
T-shima normally does it in a bulk, so knew something special about this clutch...eye


Just as Izmon suspected, it was a special order clutch sign01


Here's a housing + flywheel combo for the clutch.

Can you guess which vehicle this clutch is for?

If you guessed it correctly, then you should work for a clutch manufacturer.dollar

He had no idea what is it for...

It has such an unusual shape, and check out its back side:


He have asked Clutch-master Y for more details about this clutch and he showed us the OE clutch:


The OE clutch was attached to a ring-gear with pillars.

So Mr. Y has designed our clutch to fit the ring-gear as well.

BTW, the clutch he has built for this special order was R3A.

While he was obtaining as much information as possible from Mr. Y, Izmon was somehow forced to assemble it...shock

Izmon used to assemble clutch kits, so he had to recall the old days.


He was able to assembled it, and here's the finished product:


Here comes Mr. Y's professional inspection:coldsweats01


Mr. Y told Izmon he did a fine job, but Izmon witnessed Mr. Y secretly reassembling it later...sweat01

Now it is time to reveal the vehicle name happy02

This clutch was for ...Jaguar XJ220shine

Jun 12, 2012

New material for clutch kit

We have spotted Mr. Clutch-master Y unloading some mysterious materials at our warehouse. danger


From far, it looked like some sort of gray plate,

But if you get closer...


It has changed its color and now you see the familiar surface pattern.

You all know what it is right?


Yes, it's a stack of carbon sheets.

We will cut out from these sheets to make the carbon clutch disks.


They are lighter than they look.

We need to cut them through a special processing, and grind / polish them to make them useful for our parts.

Here's a sneak peek of the finished product:


All new carbon clutch kit is currently in its final stage of development. new


We are testing the clutch kits for models from Nissan, Lotus, and BMW.

Our race-spec Toyota Vitz/Yaris is also equipped with A-type carbon clutch kit for testing.

So far so good good

You might see them in our product line-up sooner than you thinkshine

Jun 01, 2012

Brand new clutch for Vitz/Yaris

Let us share some info on a special clutch we have installed in our Vitz/Yaris.

Like I have mentioned before, our original plan was simply to test SuperLock LSD for Vitz/Yaris... but I guess Mr. RS asked Clutch-wizard at the last minute to make a new clutch while the transmission is removed.flair

We had no idea what type of clutch he was planning to make, but we knew he won't disappoint us.catface


Here's the flywheel... well, it's a standard OS Giken flywheel and no light-weight version of any kind.
Don't worry, he won't disappoint us... we know he won't...sweat01


Using a torque wrench to tighten the flywheel bolts with specified torque.

A word of advice:shine  when tightening the flywheel bolts, gradually tighten the bolts to reach specified torque instead of tighten them all at once.  Be patient.

Once the bolts are tightened correctly, it is time for a clutch disc...




What the sign03

Isn't that a CARBON discsign02

We have been developing the carbon parts for many years, and now we finally found the right materials to meet our strict quality standard.  Soon you will be able to get your hands on our carbon clutch kits.

So stay tuned.good


Anyhow, put the cover and we are finished.
Just look at the mysterious glow of the blue alumite cover...
It's a shame that we cannot look at it once the transmission is installed.weep

Apr 05, 2012

New clutch available soon?

Our weblog hunter "R2D2" has infiltrated the clutch department to bring us the latest undergoing secret development update...secret

He was able to capture some images during his infiltration, and it seems Mr. Y was secretly working on a new clutch development:


It looks nothing like any clutches that we have in our line-up, but it must be our original since it uses Alumite treatment and there was no name / logo on the cover.

Just by looking at it, the clutch seems to be a pull-type...


While he was trying to obtain more information from Mr. Y, Big-Boss has joined Mr. Y and started a little technical discussion about the clutch, and so it was time for R2D2 to escape... runsweat01

All he knows is that it is a pull-type clutch for Non-Japanese vehicles.  (Could it be for RR drive-train models...)

Let us hope that R2D2 will bring us more updates soon. wink

Oct 17, 2011

Clutch development for BMW E39 M5

Received a special order from overseas.
This one in particular is requesting us to develop a clutch kit for E39 M5.downwardleft


We often receive special orders from overseas just like this clutch.

Customers from around the world send us OEM parts of many makes and models to develop OS Giken original parts. happy01
Such parts from Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Hyundai, and Dodge to name a few.

Our development team is working around the clock to bring you new productssign01

Oct 14, 2011

New clutch development??

Our sales manager A.K.A. "R2D2 the weblog hunter" has sneaked into a sanctuary of the clutch development seeking for new topic to write, and found this interesting clutchdown


While he was taking a picture with his beloved iPhone, he was spotted by the clutch-wizard (Mr. Y)sign03

The clutch-wizard simply asked him if he knew which vehicle the clutch is from?  He could only guess it is not from any Japanese models... when the clutch-wizard realized that he was clueless, he kindly told him it is from Maserati 3200GT.

R2D2 was so excited that such a clutch is currently in development, but the clutch-wizard looked a bit uncertain.  He presented R2D2 the clutch in developmentdown


It is a twin plate Grand Turing clutch for Maserati, and it is finished with a minor problem.  He explained that the OEM clutch is a pull-type, so it requires a new movement alteration kit that will chage a pull-type to a push-type.

It seems it was an special order, and wasn't feasible to develope the Alt. kit just for this clutch...  but the customer will modify a direct release to make it work, so we didn't need to worry about the Alt. kit after all.

When will it be available for the rest of us... only the clutch-wizard knows.think

BTW, R2D2 also found this clutch while he was sneaking arounddownwardleft


        Grand Turing A-type clutch

It is not in the current clutch line-up, but it is on its testing phase...

This is our little secret.danger


All clutches go through the clutch-wizard's rigorous inspection.  His eyes will detect any defects... (just look at him)coldsweats01