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Dec 03, 2011

A supplementary history class

Thank you all for attending our history class. (Those who haven't, the class is still in session.  Don't make a teacher wait.) smile

It seems many of you are curious about our very first product sold to the public "TC-16" engine.  So we have decided to provide just a little bit more information to satisfy your curiosity.

TC-16 used Nissan L4 cylinder block, and was originally build for Nissan Sunny 110 (Datsun 110).  The engine was also fitted to Nissan Bluebird 1800SSS (Datsun 510), and should be compatible with other L4 engine equipped Nissan models...

Here's comparison table:

  • L18 (4 cylinder): displacement - 1770cc, 115hp/6000rpm, 112lb-ft/4000rpm
  • L20: (6 cylinder): displacement - 1998cc, 130hp/6000rpm, 123lb-ft/4000rpm
  • TC-16 MA2: displacement - 1888cc, 232hp/8500rpm, 150lb-ft/6800rpm Rev limit @ 10,000rpm

FYI, our LSD technician Tommy has revived the TC16 years ago, and it stunned everyone at Historic Automobile Festival in Twin Ring Motegi circuit where a beastly Nissan S30 Z with 2.9L Nissan-Works engine couldn't even pass this 510 sign03


If you want to see this little beast in action, please check the link below.
(The page is all in Japanese, but you can click on links found with each picture to see associated videos.)


On the same note, we are reviving the legendary TC-24 engine as we speak.
First come first served, so order yours now good

Oct 07, 2011

The long waited TC24B-1

This is the prototype version-II, but it's shaping up quite nicely.

We just hope our Big-Boss won't make any last minute design changes...coldsweats02

Let's keep our fingers crossed! catface