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Jul 09, 2012

Brake calipers and rotors from ENDLESS

Generous people at ENDLESS have sent us an additional special gift for OS-86! present


It's a brand new Monoblock caliper / E-Slit roter set. new

They have been a great help for building OS-86, and the list of their generous donations is keep getting longer...

We might as well name it OS-ENDLESS-86. bleah


Without further ado, let's install this bad boy. wrench



A decently sized OE brake kit came with stock FT-86...


But there is no comperison to the presence of ENDLESS kit.  They are in a different league in terms of its appearance and performance. good



It looks like no driving condition will break this caliper... danger


The installation went smoothly without any complication and rather quickly as well.

Both front and rear brakes has been replaced / upgraded:





Cannot wait to test this beastly brakes at a track. cardash motorsports


---Product info from ENDLESS website ---

E-Slit rotor:

"Endless racing rotors are available to suit the most abusive of racing conditions in the motorsports world. The rotors are made from specially heat treated carbon steel, and are lightweight also. They use the “E-Slit” vane technology to offer the most well balanced performance based on the choice of brake pad. They also run very cool compared to our competitors.

The E-Slit rotor is comprised of the narrow curved slit incorporated   with 4 smaller E-Slits. The smoother shaving of the pad by the long   curved slit and the increased friction provided by the E-Slits maintain   optimal brake pad condition at all times.

The rotor material is   comprised of a special carbon blend, an Endless original technology,   facilitating stable mu-levels, decreasing heat cracks and extracting   100% of the brake pads performance. Slits are designed for optimal   shaving.

The bell housing material is a rigid, lightweight, high-strength   aluminum alloy metal capable of withstanding high temperatures. It also   decreases unsprung weight, which contributes to stable braking."

Monoblock caliper:

"Four years in the making and after extensive testing  in race conditions, Endless has finally produced this caliper to achieve  their extremely high rigidity and lightness standards. The difficult  and complex manufacturing of the piston cylinders has been achieved  through highly advanced engineering. The body is made with only the  strongest aluminum material. This is the highest performance achievable  using the highest production technology and highest quality of  materials."

Jul 05, 2012

1st stage of mods complete

We have just finished the first stage of upgrading our OS86 test car. (Don't get confused with OS-88 sequential transmission...)

OS86 is currently armed with OS SuperLock LSD, OS Grand Touring performance clutch, ZEAL suspension kit / brake pads from ENDLESS, and a body kit from MODELLISTA. motorsports

These upgrades already made a significant difference in its performance, but still something to be desired... wrench

MORE POWER and better grip!  ...but, that could wait for awhile. happy01

Now is time to do more cosmetic upgrades(?):


OS86 is a test car and not a promotional car, so we wanted to keep its look as simple as possible.

We do have a variety of OS Giken stickers including some eye-catchy ones, but decided to stick with something subtle.


Hmmm, it feels like we are forgetting something. (later found that there was no sticker for the clutch)sweat02


This has nothing to do with OS86, but Izmon yet again found a clutch assy. just sitting on Clutch-wizard's work table:


It's a twin plate Street Master (AKA Grand Touring), and didn't look anything out of the ordinary.

But when you take a closer look: eye


It's Street Master Carbon sign03

One of our dealers is testing the clutch for us, and once the test is complete, we will be moving on to its production.

Crossing our fingers for a good test result. good


Come to think of it, we should try using the carbon disk on OS-86 clutch...

Let's go bother Clutch-wizard about it. catface

Jun 19, 2012

Test for 86 LSD

Mr. RS and Tommy had a chance to take our OS Giken LSD equipped 86 to a much bigger circuit for a LSD test.

This time around, they have booked a spot at Okayama international circuit famous for Super GT championship race. good


They went on a week day, so when they got to the circuit, it was just them like a renting a whole track to themselves. happy01


Right until they were ready to go for a spin that is...sweat01


One after another started to show up, and they all were from out side of our prefecture and equipped for some sort of product testing.  Well, kinda' like us but in much larger scale with pit crews and digital equipments. wobbly


The LSD test went well... but the stock tires and suspension setup leaved much to be desired for the track use. think

For the next test with our clutch kit, we will try replace the stock parts with aftermarket parts for better result.

Jun 11, 2012

Circuit test

Time to test our 86! ...and Vitz.sun

We wanted to see how a stock 86 performs before installing OS Giken performance parts.

Some may say to do a proper break-in procedure before going all out, but not our Big-boss.

He simply wants to test our parts ASAP...


This wasn't a planned test (well, not this soon) so we weren't sure if we could find a place to test at the last minute.
Good thing we had an Ex Moto-racer in OS Giken who could book a place with a single phone call.telephone

Since we are going to a circuit, we have decided to bring Vitz for some circuit product testing for our LSD and clutch.

Let's see how our Carbon clutch performs on track.


We have arrived at Nakayama circuit at last.


Complete the registration process,

     and off we go to the track! run


But WHAT THEannoy... it started to rain as we walked out side of the registration office rain

We were hoping we could test both vehicles in dry condition.  Who's a rain man here?pout

Anyhow, a little rain won't stop uspunch 

First, we'll test 86:


We had our own time attack competition among ourselves, but unfortunately, we all did better in our Vitz. sweat02 

Keep in mind that our Vitz is modified for track use, and Nakayama circuit is a short track with many tight turns so naturally Vitz was better suited for the track.  Also, we couldn't turn off the VSC (vehicle stability control) on 86 for some reason.  We have followed the instruction on the user's manual, but it didn't completely deactivate the VSC.  Maybe there is a special technique to deactivate it completely like some of other Toyota vehicles...

Let us see how this will affect after installing our LSD.

Next up is the Vitz:


Like we have mentioned, our Vitz is a race-ready spec even with a roll cage.  On top of that, it is equipped with Spec-X SuperLock LSD and the secret Carbon clutch kit.

This is a fun little car, and the Carbon clutch worked marvelously.shine
It has lighter pedal feel with easy clutch engagement/operation.

The SuperLock LSD also performed as expected from OS Giken. 
Open differential on the street, 100% lock on the track when you need them.
(100% lock capable on the street as well, but please drive safely)


We will come back to the circuit once our 86 is equipped with OS Giken parts.


Jun 04, 2012

Cosmetic surgery

On day two of our 86 arrival, we have decided to give it a quick make up.wink


We wanted something simple and subtle, so we have chosen Modellista body kits.
You can find them here at:


Starting from a front bumper lip.


It seems the installation of this kit is simple enough.

These bumper lips /side skirts are very subtle changes, but makes nice difference in its appearance.

BTW, the installation is done by Mr. RS during his break from OS-88 assembly...coldsweats01


Starting from front, then move on to side, and finally rear.



The body kits included a front bumper lip, side skirts and rear bumper lips.
After installing them all...

Installation Completesign01


Sooo, what do you think?

Tommy and Big-boss were discussing about the LSD while Mr. RS was working on the car.


Don't forget to place our stickers, and we are good to go.
(Wait... but when did we install the LSD??)


Well, a small detail aside, it was the first step for our 86 to becoming OSG-mobile bullettraindash

Jun 02, 2012

The newest member of OS Giken

Long-waited Toyota FT86 (Scion FR-S) is finally arrived to our office.scissors
BTW, the most dealers in Japan don't really carry any inventory for new cars.  Instead, they use built to order base system sort of like OS Giken... sweat02


We don't have any plan or goal for its modification yet.
But one thing for sure that it will have OS Giken LSD and Clutch kit shortly.
Who knows, we might even go as far as to make close ratio gear kit for


Don't you just love the new car smell?
Every part of the car is spotless and so clean that we felt uncomfortable touching it.coldsweats01


We haven't had a time/chance to test drive it since we have orders to prepare for customers around the world.present

Please keep checking our weblog for future update of our 86/FR-S eye

Feb 27, 2012

"Nostalgic 2 days" in Yokohama

Hello ALLhappy01

We have just attended the Nostalgic 2 days event at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center through Feb. 25th to 26th.

Why were we there for?  Well, we thought it was the perfect event to publicaly announce and to celebrate the revival of our legendary TC24 enginewink
It's time for the nostalgia trip down to our memory lane...

Here's the image of our booth at the event. (The new TC24-B1 was installed to the white S30 Z shown in the above pic)

The event was a great success, and people couldn't take their eyes off of the TC24-B1 engine.



As you may already know, there were only 9 original TC24 engines ever builtsweat01
It took us over 30 years to revive this legendary engine, and now it is time for those  who have dreamed of owning it to make your dream come truesmile

Silver wolf, our boss and a creator of the TC-24, has made his appearance to personally meet everyone came to our booth, and has shared the revival story.

There was a parade of selected vehicles, and of course, our white Z was chosen to let the people hear the beautiful sound of the TC24-B1good

Here are few pics of our dealers here in Japan:


Dec 16, 2011

A championship car in South America

Congratulations to Speedaddicted,

One of our dealers in South America has won the Central American GT3 Championshipsign01

The vehicle competed in this championship was 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V with 4EFTE turbo engine, equipped with an OS Giken twin plate clutch kit and a SuperLock LSD.

The last race was held at Autodromo La Guacima in Costa Rica under shifty weather conditions.  But they were able to complete the race and won the championship for the 2011 season.scissors happy01


Nov 25, 2011

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival 2011

Hello Everyonehappy01

Just to let you all know that OS Giken will be at the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival 2011 in Fuji Speedway Nov. 27th.


Since the event is mainly for Toyota vehicles, we'll have clutches and LSD's for many of Toyota models.

There will be our LSD demo vehicle for those who would like to experience the performance of OS Giken LSD in person:


We'll also sell some items at the Festival price, so please come join us at the Fuji Speedway this Sundaysign03  if you happen to be in Japan that is...

Nov 22, 2011

A victory at the Honda Challenge

Great news came in from the states side.ear

One of our racers won the Honda Challenge National Championship race 2 years in a row by using OS Giken LSD.good


You can check more images of the most recent magazine coverages and Hi-Resolution pictures in the links below.

Also, the 2011 HPD Honda Challenge National Championship race will be nationally televised Tuesday, November 29, 2011 on the VERSUS channel. 
Let's watch our sponsored team take the checkered flag with the OS Giken decals for all of us to

Click below for the 2011 HPD Honda Challenge National Championship Race Webcast: (soon to air on VERSUS, Tuesday, Nov 29th, 2:30pm)

Click below for Meris Motorsports' September 2011 Honda Tuning Magazine feature:

Click below for the 2010 HPD Honda Challenge National Championship VERSUS TV video recap (scroll to mid-page):

For an "Up Close and Personal" video interview with Jonathan Meris and the Meris Motorsports team: