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Oct 01, 2012

911 Days magazine

OS SuperLock LSD was featured in the recent issue of Japanese Porsche magazine called "911 DAYS"
FYI, the Porsche LSD is one of the best selling / the fastest moving items in our current product line up. new


The article is 4 pages long with detailed information and evaluation of the SuperLock LSD, and its test result where they have tested the LSD with their 996 GT2 model. 
Go to the nearest bookstore to find your copy (if that's even possible), coldsweats02 or find a copy on-line (if you do read Japanese). coldsweats01



The article gave a great review about our LSD, and also mentioning their initial impression right after installing the LSD, which they thought they have mistakenly installed an open diff. 'cause the vehicle showed no sign of the LSD in work.
This is simply due to one of the characteristics of the SuperLock LSD where it possesses smooth transition from completely open differential to a fully-locked. good

For the same reason, many of the first time users of our LSD's have contacted us to let us know that our LSD's are not functioning correctly. (during break-in...)
All we needed to tell them  was to "step on it," and that's all it takes to solve the problem.smile

The SuperLock LSD was designed to instantly reacts and transitions smoothly from both free and locked positions, thus combining advantages of a normal differential's drivability and a race limited slip differential's performance and stability.  In another word, it works as an open differential to provide a vibration and noise-free ride, at the same time, provides 100% lock exactly when you need it. scissors

Feel the transition shine


Jun 13, 2012

Time to dissect

We spent enough time at Nakayama circuit to understand how the stock 86 performs.

So now is the time to give it a special OS Giken made weapon to fight for the winning run sign01

Super Lock L.S.D.shine

First, we need to remove its differential carrier.


Removing the diff. carrier was pretty easy, and look how clean this thing is...

It made us hesitate to get dirty.sweat01


Anyhow, let's install the Super Lock LSD. wink

Here's Toyota OE Torsen type differential:


Here's a familiar sight after installing Super Lock LSD: good


We are planning to test the LSD ourselves at a race track soon. car dash
GReddy has tested it at the famous Laguna Seca for us already and it performed exactly as we hoped.
Now we just want to see and feel it ourselves.
We will report back here once we had a chance to go out to a circuit again. secret


While the 86 was up on the lift, we noticed a shadowy figure underneath the car...shadow

The shadowy figure was Mr. Y.sweat02

He was looking at its drivetrain, and was thinking how to tackle the clutch.

Hurry Mr. Y, 'cause we are planning to launch the clutch kit in August.

BTW, Super Lock LSD for FT86 / GT86 / FR-S is now on sale. smile

May 29, 2012

New LSD Oil??

Well, as we all know by now that our current LSD Oil "OS250R" is a well balanced and a long lasting oil, which we may not think we need another oil for our LSD's... except one person... Big Boss.danger

"As OS Giken, it is our duty / destiny to provide the best of the best" by Big Boss.

Here it is, our brand new LSD Oil:good


  Product Name:OS-GT01R

 ----- For Racing -----

  100% Synthetic


    For FR Vehicle

Unlike OS250R which was designed for Street and Circuit use, OS-GT01R was purely designed for circuit usesign01
Through 2 years of rigorous R&D and testing, we have finally found the best oil which Big Boss was satisfied with.
OS-GT01R has much better heat resistance and protect your LSD from heavy load and/or punishing driving condition.

It is possible that we were a bit too obsessed to find the right combination of oil, and we may have neglected to consider its cost...sweat01
As a result, MSRP is nowhere near the OS250Rcrying

Sigh... when will we ever learn...  shock

Please contact your nearest OS Giken distributors for details.

May 17, 2012

It's a play time... or so we thought

We have a Toyota Vitz/Yaris at our disposal for product testing, and Tommy and Mr. RS have decided to put it to a good use.scissors


Both of them don't normally work on FWD vehicles, so it took them some time to take the car apart.sweat01
They originally planned to test our new LSD for Vitz/Yaris, but since they have already taken the car apart, they have decided to test our clutch kit as well.


Before putting the car back together, they have found some parts needed to be replaced like this broken engine mount...

This Vitz/Yaris had over 100,000 miles (mostly hard driven circuit miles) when it arrived to our office, so you could expect many things had to be replaced.dollar  Fortunately, we didn't need to replace any major parts.catface

Anyhow, now that they got the car on the road with a brand new LSD and a clutch, it is time for a long term road test!... but there's a little problem.danger

This car was built for circuit use and was not meant to be a daily driver.  So you could imagine that no one is willing to give up comfort of their own vehicles for the race ready car for their everyday commute.
Except one person... whose name is R2D2!  but unfortunately he could not fit in the bucket seat due to his unique figure/shape.coldsweats01


We may have to ship the car over to OS Giken USA since we believe they have a Yaris racer at their office!cardash

Apr 04, 2012

Super Lock LSD for Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ

We are proudly introducing the latest addition to our LSD line-up, "Super Lock LSD for FR-S and BRZ".new  It is designed specifically for FR-S and BRZ to unleash the vehicles' true potentials.

With the help of GReddy USA, we were able to test our LSD at the Laguna Seca Raceway to determine the best setting possible for FR-S and BRZ.

These photos are taken during our test at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway.


Super Lock LSD will make FR-S and BRZ complete.  Developed with the pursuit of "Excitement", "Speed", and "Comfort" in mind, it will bring out the best of both vehicles without sacrificing everyday drivability.good

Order yours today!smile

Dec 14, 2011

LSD for Porsche

Recently, we are receiving many inquiries regarding LSD's for Porsche models.


I could proudly say that OS Giken makes great products, but is not so great at promoting them... there are many products that are not publicaly announced but existed for awhile.danger

Please accept our sincere apology for not updating our product list fast enough.
(Tell you the truth, non of us could keep up...) coldsweats02

You can contact our authorized distributors near you for any product details even you don't see one for your vehicle.  You will be amazed to find what we offer.

Anyhow, we are currently expanding the LSD lineup for Porsche models.

We have confirmed the fitment of our LSD to the following models:
-930 with 915 transmission (G50 for 930 turbo)
-Post964 models with G50 transmission(includes 993 & 996)
-996 & 997 turbo
-997 Carrera
-Cayman S & Cayman 6spd.
-944 & 968 

The current best seller is LSD's for Cayman.shine

Here's an installation picture of our LSD to a Cayman diff. carrier / transmission case.camera


Cayman has MR (mid engine, rear wheel drive) layout where as 911 has RR (rear engine, rear wheel drive) layout, so the Cayman transmission case is facing the opposite direction compare to 911.

As far as the layout goes (front of the car to the back):
Cayman: Engine → Clutch → Differential → Transmission
911: Transmission → Differential → Clutch → Engine

Here's a picture of a clutch from Cayman.camera


Cayman has push-type clutch where as 911 has pull-type clutch.

Interesting to know, eh?smile

Dec 13, 2011

Evolution X L.S.D.

Tommy has a new update for us.smile

One of the teams participates in the Super Taikyu (endurance race) came to us for the LSD development for their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.
It wasn't a simple task, but our Tommy loves a challenge...

So he built one.good


The team has requested us to build just a front differential that will fit into the RALLIART outer case.


Here's a comparison of the RALLIART and OS Giken front case.
One on the right is the OS made.



There will be 24 larger disks in the LSD to achieve the maximum disc capacity.


Since Tommy has built thus far, why don't we make it available for all the Evo X owners.flair 
So he has designed OS made outer case, and redesigned the front LSD to hold much larger disks to further enhance its performance and durability.


We have installed the LSD to our test car, and it is currently testing for its performance and quality control.

If all goes well, it shouldn't take too long to be added to our product list for you to get your hands on it.car dash

Nov 15, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Mclaren SLR

Hello everyone, this is T writing.happy01

OS Giken has LSD's available for many of Mercedes models, however, has never crossed our minds to have one available for such a rare model... Mclaren SLR until one of our customer requested for his own.


A rear member (picture above) looked to be made out of a duralumin material, and many parts are attached to the rear member.

I have taken its differential apart for its measurement, and was shocked to find out that they use an open differential.coldsweats02  It is true that the vehicle is equipped with a Brake LSD, so they might thought that there is no need for a mechanical LSD... but I personally believe a super car like Mclaren SLR needs a high-performance LSD.


OEM differential (left) and our LSD (right) are shown in the picture above.

I have tested and found that there is a tendency for many of high powered FR vehicles to lose traction on right rear wheel first when accelerating from a stop.  When it happens, the traction control system will kick in.  For Mclaren SLR, the brake LSD will kick in first to control the wheel spin, and then the traction control will control the throttle.  This is good for the safety, but not so good for... car dash


With our TCD installed, the vehicle could send all of its engine power/torque to the ground, and could take off without the interference of its traction control.  It also improves high speed stability.

I highly recommend our LSD for all the high powered vehicles, but not recommend anyone to be a speed demon... bleah

Drive safely.

Nov 05, 2011

Ferrari 550 Maranello LSD

Hello everyone, this is Mr. T from OS Giken LSD lab.

A customer has requested to build a custom LSD for the 550 Maranello awhile back.
It sparked my interest due to its original design, so I built one without considering its cost...moneybag

OEM differential has such an unique design that it bolts onto a carrier by placing an external ring gear in between.


Above picture is the custom made LSD for the 550 Maranello.
OEM differential was designed to attach an external ring gear, so I also designed the ring gear (see picture below) for the custom LSD.


Here's an installation picture.  The customer was 120% satisfied with the custom LSD's performance for greatly improved traction.
This 550 was equipped with twin-turbo V12 engine.


It seems many owners are experiencing similar traction problems since I have recieved more orders than I have anticipated...bearing

Nov 01, 2011

LSD for Corvette ZR1

A report from Mr. T:ear

I have received a LSD order from a reputable Corvette shop in Japan.


The basic structure is very similar between C5 and C6 OEM differentials, however, there are some minor differences and OS Giken has LSD's compatible to each applications.

It seems to me that the OEM Aluminum differential case is improving its rigidity every year.  It is very light for its size, but I do have to design our LSD by considering the heat deflection though...coldsweats01

FYI, we are manufacturing our original shafts to connect to both left and right drive-shafts with forged and reinforced materials for improved durability and strength to handle the OS Giken LSD's performance.good


I look forward to seeing how it performs.happy01