Sequestial transmission Feed

Nov 16, 2011

In stock now!

Good news from our transmission division.notes

Mr. S informed us that long waited out of stock parts have finally arrived.


Here they are, Slider (Dog ring) and Shift fork (Selector) for OS-88 Sequential Transmission.

They are expendable items, however, somewhat difficult to mass-produce.
As a result, we always have a limited supply of these items in stock, and limiting how many OS-88 unit our technician could assemble.

Come to think of it, it has been 9 years since OS-88 was first introduced.
We have sold over a couple hundred units thus far, and now many units are requiring overhauls and are taking parts away from new units to be assembled...

Mr. S aplogizes for letting many of you wait for your own OS-88.think

He'll do his best to send them in your way ASAP.
If you haven't order yours yet, then you should do it at your earliest convenience 'cause it is first come first servesign01